Safety Management and Engineering

Manufacturers as well as suppliers need to prove to their customers that despite the increasing complexity of electronic systems that they will deliver systems with the required functional safety and reliability.

The international standard IEC61508 is a reference model for the development of safety related systems. For safety-related embedded automotive systems the international standard ISO26262 is the reference standard (currently under development).

Safety management systems are not developed in isolation to other system and software processes and many customers are interested to combine a functional safety assessment with a CMMi® and/or ISO/IEC 15504 (and Automotive SPICE®) assessment.

As an active participant in the relevant international standardization activities together with supporting research activities, we are able to provide a complete solution to the integration of all aspects of the safety lifecycle including safety engineering and safety management processes, and to assist in the selection of the needed methods and measures with the additional verification activities to assure safety.

Impronova can assist in many ways by

  • performing a gap analysis against the functional safety standard and associated (A)SIL levels resulting in a plan and suitable measures to close the gap and to ensure sustained compliance
  • implementing safety management systems
  • performing software development and analysis activities, including formal methods and static analysis
  • establishing safe design concepts and models (monitoring, redundancy etc.)
  • providing out-sourced verification services of functional safety
  • establishing and performing analyses using HAZOP, FTA, FMEA techniques
  • performing independent safety assessments
  • developing safety cases
  • providing interpretation and application of safety-related standards and guidelines
  • performing the role of independent safety engineer
  • providing training for functional safety at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels

Impronova consultants are actively engaged in the relevant international standardization activities and collaborative research projects.