Procurement Management

Impronova has been a leading player in procurement initiatives through participation in the ASSIST, VALIDATE, PULSE and PROBE European initiatives that have developed a number of procurement best practice guides, case studies, assessment tools and benchmarking results.

Furthermore the European Procurement Forum has been established to increase the value derived from investment by user organisations through more effective procurement. The Forum is underpinned by access to a unique resource of Best Practice research, case studies, data and benchmarking, as well as improvement tools and expertise. The Procurement Forum through the Automotive SIG has brought together the major European car manufacturers to launch the Automotive SPICE initiative.

Impronova can assist procurement organizations in many ways by

  • benchmarking procurement best practices
  • providing support for supplier selection, evaluation and monitoring
  • establishing contractual statements of work
  • implementing Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • performing supplier capability assessments
  • performing supplier project reviews
  • performing purchaser supplier quality assurance
  • establishing processes for the selection and evaluation of COTS

Impronova consultants have played a leading role in the major European initiatives and have authored many guidebooks in the subject area.