Quality Management and Assurance

Quality Management Systems establish a clear framework of processes and practices which enable a company to deliver effective software products and IT services within time and budget - and achieve customer satisfaction.

External assistance is nearly always beneficial when introducing or advancing a QMS. Organizations often do not have the necessary experience or expertise, do not have the needed internal resources or are not sure how much change is feasible.

The ISO9001:2000 standard (together with ISO90003 and TickIT guidelines for implementing software systems) provides a framework for implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) for the development and delivery of products and services. Having a certified ISO9001 quality management system is often a pre-cursor to obtaining approved supplier status.

An ISO9001 certified quality management system will realize many benefits such as improved management control and project performance, clearer orientation to achieving customer satisfaction, objective measurement of performance and process improvement. A quality management system can provide a platform to act as the starting point for benchmarking process capability against models such as CMMi®, ISO15504 and Automotive SPICE®.

Impronova can assist in many ways by

  • reviewing existing practice to highlight "strengths and weaknesses" and/or the extent of compliance with standards (such as ISO9001) and best practice guidance (such as TickIT)
  • planning implementation of new or amended processes and practices
  • providing implementation assistance, including explanatory briefings, methods training and workshops, documentation update, process execution
  • conducting pre-audits and performance reviews to ensure that practice has been amended as intended and is compliant with required standards
  • providing independent quality assurance support and performing quality auditing

Impronova consultants include qualified Lead ISO9001/TickIT auditors.